Maudsland Flower Delivery


Discover the enchantment of LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, your trusted florist for Maudsland flower delivery. LULLY & ROSE brings artistry and elegance to their floral arrangements, capturing the essence of nature’s wonders.


Maudsland Flower Delivery Featured Products

$135.00$280.00 incl GST

A contemporary clustered style bouquet, inspired by Melbourne & Sydney trends. Each individual bouquet is uniquely designed and styled by us, showcasing the best seasonal florals available to us on the day.  

$115.00$260.00 incl GST

Perfect for those who are a lover of all things floral & yummy! A petite, shorter English garden style posy, inspired by European trends.

$165.00 incl GST

The sweetest gift with seasonal florals to enjoy & a designer 'Marmoset Found' vase to keep within your home.

Out of stock
$85.00$280.00 incl GST

For our Cymbidium lovers ~ Our Cut Cymbidium Stems are long lasting & adds a touch of refined beauty within your home.

Maudsland Flower Delivery

LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio takes pride in creating exquisite floral arrangements that capture the gentle beauty of flowers. With our same-day delivery service available in Maudsland and surrounding areas, you can experience the magic of fresh florals at your doorstep. Our skilled florists handpick the freshest flowers, carefully crafting arrangements that exude natural elegance and artistic charm. Each floral bouquet is created with love and passion, reflecting our signature style with perfect colour combinations and delicate floral accents.

Unraveling the Language of Flowers in Maudsland:

At LULLY & ROSE, we understand the language of flowers, allowing us to help you convey deep emotions through our beautiful floral arrangements. Our experienced florists can assist you selecting the right flowers that speak volumes, whether it’s love, friendship, gratitude, or sympathy that you wish to express.

Beautiful Flower Deliveries

Furthermore, our studio embodies elegance and style, with a touch of artistic flair and a strong commitment to customer care. We take pride in creating stunning floral arrangements that not only awaken the senses but also deepen the connections between people. From romantic gestures to heartfelt condolences, our thoughtfully made florals serve as messengers of emotions and memories.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we strive to bring beauty to your world through enchanting floral creations. Experience the magic of LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, your charming go-to florist for Maudsland flower delivery services. Furthermore, let our carefully curate arrangements leave a lasting impression and add a touch of elegance to your special moments. Celebrate life’s occasions and milestones with the enchantment of flowers, as we infuse every bouquet with love, passion, and the language of emotions.