Flower & Plant Care Tips

Here at LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, we care about what happens to your florals & plants once they leave our studio! That’s why we’ve put together this guide on flower & plant care tips to ensure your luxury arrangements live a long and happy life once they’ve been delivered to you or a loved one.


Upon receiving your fresh florals, be sure to unwrap them with care to make sure that none of the petals become damaged or bruised. If your florals have been arranged by us, please also ensure not to remove the tie around the flower stems otherwise your arrangement will lose its structure. 

All LULLY & ROSE florals are delivered wrapped in fresh water so that they arrive to you dewy and hydrated, and don’t lose any moisture on their journey to you. This helps to prolong their life by keeping the floral stems rehydrated, as if they dry out in transport this limits the overall capacity of the florals to absorb water for the lifetime of your cut flowers. Carefully recut the stems using very sharp scissors or secateurs roughly 2cm from the base of the stems and place into fresh room temperature water. We suggest using room temperature water, as cold water slows down the hydration process whereas hot or warm water will cause your flowers to sweat and lose all-important moisture. When recutting your stems, it’s best to do so on an angle, as this creates a larger surface area for water absorption as the base of the stems won’t be sitting flush against the bottom of the vase.

To keep your beautiful florals happy for as long as possible, it’s best to try and mimic their natural conditions by following a few simple flower care tips. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, draughts and overly warm areas in your home. Unlike potted plants, cut flowers won’t benefit from direct sunlight as they are already perfectly bloomed and don’t need the extra light and heat – it will actually cause them to age more quickly, which is the opposite of what we want! Instead, choose a nice, naturally cool spot in your home. Air conditioning will reduce the lifespan of your flowers, and both hot or cold air will dry them out so be sure to keep them away from air conditioning vents. Before placing on any furniture, ensure the base of the vase is completely dry to avoid any potential damage, which may cause watermarks or staining. 


One of the best flower care tips we have for you is not to just place your arrangement and hope for the best. By following a few simple steps every few days, you’ll be able to enjoy your stunning luxury florals for longer and keep them looking as fresh as they did when they arrived. 

The same way you did when they first arrived, trimming the stems of your florals every two days will help them stay hydrated and fresh. Trimming around 2cm on an angle each time should be enough to remove any segments of the stem that are looking brown or scabbed. 

Removing excess leaves will also help to keep your arrangement looking fresh and luxurious by ensuring that all the clean water your florals are drinking is going straight to the head of the flower rather than trying to rehydrate leaves that have now dried out. Removing leaves that are starting to brown will also refresh the whole appearance of your arrangement, much the same way you would maintain a potted plant.  Different seasonal varieties will have varying amounts of foliage on the stem, but removing around three quarters of this as you notice the leaves start to droop will be enough to benefit your cut florals and keep them healthy and hydrated for longer. A secondary benefit to trimming the foliage is to keep the water nice and clean and not allow any foliage to be below the waterline. Foliage in the water can cause bacteria to grow, and your florals will absorb everything in the water, even if it’s not good for them. Bacteria will cause the stems to rot and will shorten the life of your cut florals significantly. This is why you may have noticed that flower water that hasn’t been maintained and refreshed will have a strong, unpleasant smell – this is certainly not normal for a healthy arrangement and can absolutely be avoided by following these flower care tips.  


Flower care tips aren’t just about what you do, but how you do it. Using the proper tools to trim your stems will help immensely, as using scissors that are too blunt will damage the delicate vessels that the flower needs to transport water up the stem and into the head of the flower to nourish the petals. The same way that a butter knife would squish a tomato, it will protect your florals to use florist scissors if you have them, otherwise use the sharpest and most precise tool you can access to ensure a clean cut with no ragged edges. 

A clean vase and fresh water is also absolutely essential for caring for your cut florals. As we mentioned earlier, florals are a beauty of the natural world and to maintain them in a vase, it helps to think of how they would grow naturally. Usually, the roots of a flower filters out bacteria, ensuring the water the flower itself is receiving is clean and pure. Air drying your vase after washing with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher is a simple flower care tip that can help keep your vessel free of anything that could harm your flowers. Cut flowers are unable to regulate their environment via their root system, so it’s up to us to ensure their water is always fresh, clean and free of bacteria and fungi. The best way to do this is to ensure that if your arrangement didn’t come in a vase that you use one that is nice and clean and free of residue from previous cut florals and continually refresh the water in the vase at least every few days or sooner if you notice the water is looking discoloured. When changing the water, allow it to sit for a few moments before placing your florals back in to allow any bubbles from the tap water to subside, as these can also impact the ability of your florals to absorb water efficiently. Rinse the stems before placing them back in the water to ensure they are free of any bacteria that may have formed. 


We’ve put together a whole blog on Phalaenopsis Orchids and their care, so if you’ve received one of our Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants, be sure to check it out here. 

The short version of flower care tips for potted Phalaenopsis Orchids is to follow these five important steps: 

  1. Be careful not to overwater your Phalaenopsis Orchid so that the roots can fully dry out before being watered again.
  2. Keep your Orchid in a warm area, but out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning or heating vents.
  3. Feed your Orchid with a high-potassium liquid Orchid food. 
  4. Repot your Orchid when it starts to outgrow its original vessel. 
  5. When your Orchid has finished flowering, cut the stem back to the foliage and continue usual care to encourage it to flower again. 


The short version of plant care tips for indoor plants is to follow these six important steps: 

  1. Be careful not to overwater your indoor plants so that the roots are not exposed to prolonged excess water in order to avoid root rot. 
  2. Position your indoor plants where there is natural filtered light with good airflow, avoiding direct sunlight, air conditioning or heating vents.
  3. Remove dust from the leaves of your indoor plants with a gentle shower with room temperature water. This will help them to soak up more light. 
  4. Remove yellow & brown leaves to encourage new growth & prevent disease.  
  5. Monitor your indoor plants for insect pests & disease.  Several insects & pests commonly attack house plants, so be sure to monitor your plants for little visitors. Remove infected leaves & stems to prevent the spread of disease.  
  6. Repot your indoor plants when it starts to outgrow its original vessel to encourage growth. 

With your newfound confidence from these flower & plant care tips, you’re likely feeling inspired to bring your next floral arrangement or indoor plant home! Choose from our luxury range of bouquets and posies: from fresh florals for home to designer posies and vase arrangements, you’re sure to find something to brighten your day, or surprise and delight someone you love.