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Orchids are a beautiful gift suitable for many occasions, and at LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, our orchid of choice is the stunning Phalaenopsis Orchid, also commonly known as a Moth Orchid. Its name comes from the fact that when they were first discovered, their ornate petals were actually mistaken for beautifully patterned moths!

An elegant spray of long lasting flowers makes the Phalaenopsis Orchid one of the most popular indoor flowering plants around the world. This ornamental flowering plant makes a gorgeous addition to any home or office, with its long stems, dainty flowers and deep green foliage. Depending on availability, Phalaenopsis Orchids come in a beautiful range of colours, such as pink, white, purple, yellow, orange and green. Exotic orchids have long been known as a symbol of luxury and refined taste. In Victorian times it was said that the rarer the orchid given as a gift, the deeper your admiration and love was for the recipient.

All About Phalaenopsis Orchids

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the gifting options for Phalaenopsis Orchids and some care instructions and tips to make sure your orchid is thriving and lasts the test of time. Although orchids have gained a reputation for being fickle and challenging to care for, by adhering to a few straightforward rules, you can enjoy your orchids in the long term regardless of your gardening expertise. There’s no need to be intimidated by becoming a caretaker for one of these stunning plants, and you’ll enjoy the ongoing satisfaction of helping it flower and thrive for years to come.

All Phalaenopsis Orchids, available either single or double stemmed, purchased from LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio are potted in a simple, contemporary glass vessel, and are presented in our signature gift box with accents of white tissue and our luxe rose gold ribbon for a modern, luxury look and feel. Hand-delivered by our specialty floral couriers, you can rest assured these fresh, delicate beauties will arrive to you with the love and care they deserve.

Phally Orchids As Sympathy Gifts

A Phalaenopsis Orchid plant makes for a beautiful and thoughtful condolences or sympathy gift, as this elegant flowering plant lives on well after fresh cut flowers do. Orchids will bloom in memoriam long after the passing of a loved one, serving as a sweet reminder of this person for years to come. Our favourite colour choice for a sympathy Phalaenopsis Orchid is white, however you know your loved ones preferences best and we will always go over and above to accommodate any requests where possible during this sensitive time.

Phally Orchids for Special Occasions

Phalaenopsis Orchids make timeless gifts, exuding elegance and lasting for years, perfect for any occasion or setting. A popular gift to welcome someone to their new home at a housewarming party is a plant, so why not add a touch of luxury by making it a Phalaenopsis Orchid? We also love orchids as a gift for a birthday, celebration of a new promotion, arrival of a newborn, anniversaries and engagements. Did you know that pink orchids are a traditional gift for a 14th and 25th wedding anniversary?

Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. The orchid embodies refinement, charm, and fertility. If flower meanings interest you, these meanings can vary depending on the colour of the petals. White for innocence and purity, or elegance and reverence (great for a sympathy gift or newborn arrival). Pink for femininity, grace and joy (a lovely Mother’s Day gift or birthday present for a special woman in your life). Lemon for friendship and new beginnings (a beautiful choice for cheering up a friend or celebrating their achievements). Purple to symbolise reverence and respect and orange for pride, boldness and enthusiasm.

Of course, we’re firm believers as well that you don’t have to have a special occasion to enjoy fresh, perfumed florals, so the Phalaenopsis Orchid is also a thoughtful ‘just because’ present to brighten up the day of the plant lover in your life, even if that plant lover is you!

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Instructions & Tips

Tip 1 – Be careful not to over water your Orchid

Orchid roots prefer watering followed by allowing them to nearly completely dry before watering again. This prevents constant moisture, which can lead to root rot. A good way to water your orchid roots is with a spray bottle of water to ensure over watering does not happen. Misting your Phalaenopsis Orchid plant rather than pouring water over the roots will ensure that they become moistened but not drenched and is a great way to control the amount of water the plant is receiving.

On average, Phalaenopsis Orchids will only need watering around once a week, or perhaps a little more often in the hot summer months. If you’re feeling unsure about the health of your Phalaenopsis Orchid, there are some amazing smart phone apps out there that allow you to actually upload pictures of the plant to get advice on what it might need.

Tip 2 – Keep your orchid warm but out of direct sunlight

Phalaenopsis Orchids are indoor plants that prefer a bright indirect light in a warm position within your home. They love warm temperatures, between 18°C and 28°C during the day and around 15°C and 18°C at night. Getting the placement of your Phalaenopsis Orchid right does have a few factors involved, but once you’ve got it right it will go a long way to protecting the longevity of the plant.

Your orchid wants to be warm, but not in direct sunlight, away from air conditioning vents and somewhere that’s not too hot and dry either. It is best practice to keep your orchid out of direct sunlight to avoid your plant becoming sunburned.

Air conditioning can dry out your orchid; therefore, as long as it doesn’t receive a direct blast of cool air, you should be fine. Hot and dry conditions can cause unopened buds to drop, which you’ll definitely want to avoid. Think of the most comfortable and temperate place to sit in your home, and that’s probably the best spot for your orchid too!

Tip 3 – Feed your plant

Give your orchid the royal treatment by using a specially designed flower food in conjunction with watering. Use a high-potassium liquid orchid food to encourage flowering and help your Phalaenopsis Orchid really thrive. Apply the dilute fertiliser every three weeks or according to instructions on the container. We recommend you use a water spray bottle to apply the fertiliser, as you have been with water, so as not to drench the plant or accidentally damage the flower heads. You can purchase liquid fertiliser/flower food from most stores that stock other gardening items, such as Bunnings, and it’s inexpensive. This will make all the difference to the condition of your plant, and once you see the results, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an orchid aficionado in no time!

Tip 4 – When to repot your Orchid

It is recommended to repot your orchid every one to two years. If you noticed that your orchid’s roots have outgrown the pot or they are starting to creep over the side of the pot, this is an obvious sign your pot has become too small and it’s time to repot no matter when the last time you did so was.

When it comes to repotting your Orchid, it is absolutely essential to be careful when removing your plant not to damage the plant or its flower heads. Ensure your new pot has drainage holes, so that your orchid’s roots are not at risk of rotting if they can’t regulate the moisture. The repotting process can be a fun one, and a beautiful way to change the look and feel of your décor by choosing a pot in a different style. It’s so rewarding to see your Phalaenopsis Orchid growing and thriving!

Tip 5 – When your Orchid has finished flowering

When your Orchid has finished flowering, please don’t despair! When you see that your Phalaenopsis Orchid is no longer flowering rest assured that this stage is part of its natural process. You can encourage your Orchid to flower again by cutting the stem back to the foliage and continuing to follow the care instructions above until it is ready to flower again.

As you can see, a Phalaenopsis Orchid is certainly a floral gift that will keep on giving, or a beautiful long term addition to your home or office. Order your luxury orchid from LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio today to ensure you’re getting the best quality plant, handled with care. We hand select all of our orchids for their natural beauty and bring only the best into our studio. If you’re gifting an orchid, be sure to share this blog with them so they can care for their elegant new addition with confidence.


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