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Welcome to the enchanting world of LULLY & ROSE, where roses aren’t just blooms but expressions of luxury and romance. Our curated collection, featuring Roses for sale, is a testament to the precise artistry that goes into each flower. Transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.


The Romantic World of Roses

The Art of Reflexed Roses

At LULLY & ROSE, we take pride in presenting reflexed Roses, each gentle flip of a Rose petal is done by hand, to achieve a luxurious as well as a romantic appearance. But what does reflexed mean? It’s a technique where each petal is delicately bent outward, creating a fuller and opulent bloom. This process turns our Roses into more than just flowers; they become works of art, perfect for elevating any occasion.

From South America with Love: Colombian and Ecuadorian Roses

Our journey for the finest Roses takes us to the Rose fields of Colombia and Ecuador, where ideal growing conditions produce Roses of unparalleled beauty. Colombian Roses, flourishing in high-altitude climates, boast extra large flower heads as well as long stems. While Ecuadorian Roses benefit from equatorial conditions, resulting in blooms of exceptional quality. These regions are renowned for cultivating the most popular Rose varieties, and at LULLY & ROSE, we bring their allure to your doorstep.

Imported Elegance in Australia

Transporting the charm of Colombian and Ecuadorian Roses to Australia, we take love and care to preserve their freshness and quality remain intact. As these blooms make their journey from renowned regions to our studio, great attention is given to preserving their quality. This process involves dedicated care and time to condition and hydrate the Roses. Offering a touch of international elegance to your floral experiences.

LULLY & ROSE true love: Garden Roses

In addition to our imported treasures, we celebrate the beauty of locally grown garden Roses. These varieties, nurtured in the rich soils of Australian farms, hold a special place in our hearts. Supporting local farmers is a priority for us, and these garden Roses, with their diverse shapes, colours and also fragrances, showcase the best of what Australian soil has to offer.

A Tribute to Fond Memories : Grandparents’ Rose Gardens

Our true love lies behind the garden Roses. Inspired by Rachael, the owner of LULLY & ROSE, childhood memories of our grandparents’ Rose gardens. The perfumed scent of those blossoms lingers in her mind, creating a connection to a bygone era she treasure so much. It’s this touch that adds an extra layer of love and meaning to our garden Rose varieties, grown around Australia.

Embrace the Romance: Your LULLY & ROSE Experience

Immerse yourself in the symphony of romance, and natural beauty with LULLY & ROSE Roses for Sale. Elevate your moments with our reflexed Roses, imported elegance, and the heartfelt charm of garden Roses. Transform your special occasions into timeless memories by sharing each bloom as a love letter.


Transform into Expressions of Love

At LULLY & ROSE, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where Roses transcend mere flowers and become eloquent expressions of love, artistry, and cherished memories. From delicate perfumed notes of garden Roses, to the international elegance of reflexed Colombian and Ecuadorian Roses, and the heartfelt charm of locally grown varieties, each petal carries a unique story. Guided by a passion for artful skill and inspired by the nostalgic scents of Rachael’s grandparents’ Rose gardens. Our Roses for sale embody a timeless journey that elevates every moment. Choose LULLY & ROSE for an exquisite bouquet that encapsulates the essence of romance, beauty, as well as heartfelt connections.

Moreover, radiating classic beauty and embodying romantic symbolism. Roses emerge as enduring symbols of love and romance, gracing Mother’s Day flowers, anniversary celebrations, as well as infusing Valentine’s Day with an unparalleled charm.

Explore the beauty of Roses at LULLY & ROSE, where a stunning floral bouquet as well as a vase arrangement are available to order online with same-day delivery through the Gold Coast, adding a touch of floral romance to your home. For those seeking enduring uniqueness, consider our Potted Rose Plants—a timeless choice that stands the test of time, bringing lasting beauty to any space.

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