Send Flowers Online | Your Guide To Ordering Flowers Online


Our guide for sending flowers online can help you show your loved ones that you care with ease & confidence. Let’s make sure your special someone knows just how much you care.

At LULLY & ROSE, we understand how important it is to show those you care about how much you appreciate them. That’s why we strive to make sending florals a worry-free experience. Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to express your feelings or simply want to brighten someone’s day, we have the ideal solution for you.

Suit the Environment

When choosing the right flowers to send, it’s important to think about where they will be placed. Consider the decor & style of the room, as well as the purpose of the flowers. If you are sending flowers to an office, you may want to opt for a more contemporary & simplistic vase that will complement the professional atmosphere. On the other hand, if you are sending flowers to a more personal space, such as a home, you may want to choose a more intimate & decorative arrangement that will blend well with the decor.

If you are sending flowers to a hospital or nursing home, it’s important to consider the health and well-being of the recipient. Low-allergen flowers are a good option, as they are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Easy-care flowers like Orchids or Chrysanthemums are also a great choice, as they require minimal maintenance and can be enjoyed for longer periods. By choosing the right flowers that suit the environment, you can ensure that your gift is not only beautiful but also practical & considerate.

Add-ons for Extra Gifts

When choosing add-ons for your flower delivery, think about the recipient’s preferences & tastes. For instance, if they have a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates would be a decadent choice. Adding a thoughtful gift can take your flower delivery to the next level and show the recipient how much you care about them.

You can add a personal touch to the delivery by choosing a gift that reflects the recipient’s personality or interests. These add-ons not only make the delivery more personal & special but also create a lasting memory for the recipient. With the right add-ons, you can turn a simple flower delivery into a thoughtful & memorable gift.

Same-day Delivery

When choosing same-day delivery, it is also important to consider the delivery window and where possible coordinate with the recipient to ensure that someone will be home to receive the flowers. Same-day delivery is a convenient option for busy individuals who want to surprise their loved ones with a thoughtful gift. Ensuring your florals are delivered with as much love & care, is equally important and worth considering when choosing an online flower delivery service.

At LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, we infuse our florals with love. Delivering them with the same affection and care we poured into making them is vital to us. That’s why all L&R florals are wrapped in freshwater and hand-delivered by our specialised floral courier. We provide same day flower delivery across the Gold Coast.

Ensure Someone is Home

Ensuring that someone is home to receive the flowers is preferred to guarantee that they arrive in their best condition. It’s always a good idea to provide an accurate contact number for the recipient when placing your flower order. This way, we can let them know when the flowers have been delivered and where they have been safely left, if needed. We want to ensure that your gift is received with the utmost care and attention, and having a reliable contact number is a great way to do that.

Choose the Right Florist

Choosing the right florist can make all the difference in the quality of the flowers and the overall delivery experience. It’s important to consider factors such as the florist’s reputation, experience, and the types of flowers & arrangements they offer.

One of the best ways to select the perfect florist, seeking reviews from past clients is paramount. Online feedback offers insight into the florist’s work quality and service. Seek recommendations from friends who’ve used online flower delivery. This research guarantees top-tier flowers and a positive delivery experience..

Choosing the ideal florist may seem daunting, yet with LULLY & ROSE, expect a fantastic experience. We commit to delivering high-quality florals and exceptional customer service, ensuring your satisfaction.

At LULLY & ROSE, we believe in transforming your floral experience. We’re proud of our exceptional service, quality florals, and a positive delivery experience. We’re excited to collaborate with you, to create a stunning floral arrangement that brings joy to your recipient.

Consider the Message & Personalise the Delivery

When sending flowers, it’s important to choose florals that convey the right message. Different flowers carry diverse meanings and emotions, so it’s lovely to think about the occasion and the recipient’s likes. For example, yellow Roses symbolise friendship and joy, while pink Roses often convey gratitude and appreciation.

Personalising your flower delivery can make it even more special. Including a personal note or message with your florals is a beautiful way to express your feelings and make the recipient feel cherished. Here at LULLY & ROSE we offer a range of arrangements, ensuring that your bouquet perfectly matches the message you want to convey. By considering the message and personalising the delivery, you can make your flower delivery a truly special & meaningful gift.

Consider Flower Care Instructions

Considering flower care instructions when choosing flowers to send is recommended. Different types of flowers have different care requirements, and it’s important to choose florals that will last as long as possible after delivery. Some flowers, like Orchids, require specific lighting conditions, while others, like Hydrangea, require regular spritzing with water. If the recipient lacks flower care experience, opt for easily manageable flowers.

At LULLY & ROSE, we provide tips on how to care for your flowers, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Different types of flowers have different care requirements, and our team provide guidance on how to care for specific florals. We want to make sure that every recipient can enjoy their beautiful flowers for as long as possible, and our care tips can help make caring for your florals easier and less stressful.

Whether you’re sending flowers to celebrate a special occasion or just to brighten someone’s day, you can trust that LULLY & ROSE will provide beautiful florals and helpful guidance on how to care for them.

Customisation Options

When it comes to sending flowers, customisation options can make all the difference. You can choose from a variety of florals, floral tones, and size options to create a truly personalised arrangement that matches your style and the occasion.

We have you covered when choosing the style of the arrangement, from an on-trend floral Bouquet to a more modern & contemporary designer Floral Bowl. All LULLY & ROSE florals also come presented with our signature ribbon for an elegant personalised touch. It’s the little touches and attention to detail that ensure that your gift is memorable & appreciated. Here at LULLY & ROSE, we will create a one-of-a-kind bouquet that perfectly suits your needs & preferences.

Sending flowers online can be a great way to express your congratulations, condolences, or simply add joy to someone’s day. By following our tips you can personalise your floral delivery and make it a memorable experience for both you and the recipient.

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