Sympathy Arrangements | How to Choose the Right Flowers


At times of loss, there are sympathy flower etiquettes on sending flowers that can be a thoughtful and comforting way to express our condolences. However, choosing the right sympathy flower arrangements to convey your heartfelt message can be tricky.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Sympathy Arrangements

Here at LULLY & ROSE will guide you through some key considerations when selecting sympathy flowers, from colour and tone to popular flower options, and sending flowers sensitively and respectfully.

Popular Flower Options

When it comes to flower options for sympathy arrangements, there are several beautiful and meaningful choices to consider:

  • White Dahlias

Dahlias are not only visually stunning, but they also carry a deep symbolism that makes them a perfect choice for sympathy arrangements. Their pure white colour represents innocence, purity, and peace, which are all essential qualities when offering condolences to those who are mourning.

In addition to their colour, white Dahlias symbolise grace, inner strength, and eternal beauty. The grace and inner strength represented by these flowers are qualities that are often admired in those who have passed away, and they can serve as a reminder of the fortitude and resilience that our loved ones possessed during their lifetime.

White Dahlias are also a fitting tribute to the enduring beauty of life. Although life may be fleeting, it is also full of moments of beauty and joy, that we can cherish forever. By including these flowers in a sympathy arrangement, we can remind ourselves of the beauty that still exists in the world, even during difficult times.

When given to those who are grieving, white Dahlias can provide comfort and hope. They offer a sense of peace and tranquillity that can help soothe the heartache of loss and serve as a symbol of the love and care that we hold for our loved ones even after they have passed away.

  • Roses

Roses are a timeless symbol of love, affection, and remembrance, making them a popular choice for sympathy arrangements. White Roses, in particular, are a classic choice for expressing condolences, as they symbolise purity, innocence, and a love that endures beyond death.

White Roses are often used in sympathy arrangements as a way to express the deep respect and admiration we have for the person who has passed away. Their delicate and serene appearance can provide a sense of peace and comfort to those who are grieving, and serve as a reminder of the beauty and purity of life.

In addition to white and lemon Roses can also be a fitting choice for a sympathy arrangement. Lemon Roses symbolise friendship, support, and caring, which can be a powerful message to send to someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one. These flowers can convey a message of comfort & support, letting the recipient know that they are not alone during this difficult time.

Whether you choose white or lemon Roses for a sympathy arrangement, they both carry a powerful message of love & remembrance. They can serve as a tribute to the memory of the person who has passed away, as well as a symbol of the love and care that we hold for those who are left behind.

Roses are a timeless and powerful symbol of love & remembrance, making them a fitting choice for sympathy arrangements. White Roses symbolise purity and innocence, while lemon roses represent friendship and support. By including these flowers in a sympathy arrangement, we can express our condolences and provide comfort and hope to those who are grieving.

  • White Chrysanthemums

In many cultures, people often use White Chrysanthemums in sympathy arrangements, as they symbolise death and mourning. Chosen to convey condolences and sympathy.

  • Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids are a popular choice for sympathy arrangements due to their delicate beauty & graceful appearance. These elegant flowers boast a range of colors, encompassing shades of white, pink, and purple. They frequently grace tall and slender vases, highlighting their long stems and elegant blooms.

People often choose Phalaenopsis Orchids in minimalist and contemporary arrangements, making them an excellent choice for those who favor a more modern aesthetic. The simplicity of their design allows the focus to be on the natural beauty of the flowers, which can provide a calming and soothing effect in times of grief.

Phalaenopsis Orchids can also be arranged in a vase, creating a stunning centerpiece that can be enjoyed by all who see it. When arranging Orchids in a vase, it is important to choose a vessel that complements the delicate beauty of the flowers and to use a minimalistic approach to allow the flowers to shine on their own.

Whether arranged in a tall vase or within an arrangement, Phalaenopsis Orchids can bring a sense of peace, beauty, and elegance to any space. As a symbol of grace and beauty, they can serve as a fitting tribute to someone who has passed away, providing comfort and solace to those who are grieving.

Colour and Tone

The tone and colour of your sympathy flowers can make a big difference in conveying your message of comfort and support. For sympathy arrangements, we recommend choosing gentle and soothing pastel colours such as pale pink, lavender, pale blue, and cream. These colours create a sense of calmness and peace, which can bring comfort to those who are grieving. It’s best to avoid bright and bold colours as they can come across as insensitive & inappropriate.

White flowers are a timeless and popular choice for sympathy arrangements, symbolising purity, peace, and love. They are often selected to show your deepest condolences and support. Some popular white flowers to consider include Dahias, Roses, and Chrysanthemums. When selecting flowers, consider their meanings and choose those that are appropriate for the situation.

Soft Pastel Arrangements

This is a beautiful and comforting way to express sympathy and offer condolences during a difficult time. The delicate colours of blush pink, lavender, and mocha can create a serene and calming atmosphere, providing comfort and solace to those who are grieving. These flowers can be arranged in various ways, from simple bouquets to more elaborate designs.

The choice of flowers and arrangement style will depend on personal preference and the recipient’s tastes. But by incorporating soft pastel colours into a sympathy arrangement, you can create a gentle and soothing tribute to the memory of the person who has passed away, offering comfort and support to those who are mourning their loss.

Arranging and Sending Flowers

When arranging and sending sympathy flowers, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:


Sending flowers as soon as possible after a loss can provide a great deal of comfort to those who are grieving. Ideally, flowers should be sent within the first few days after the loss.


When it comes to sympathy flower arrangements, it’s important to consider not only the flowers themselves but also the presentation. From vases to bouquets or wreaths, you can arrange flowers in a variety of ways. Several factors, including the recipient’s preferences, the type of occasion, and the display space for the flowers, can influence the choice of presentation.

For example, our Designer Floral Bowl is a beautiful and elegant option for a sympathy arrangement. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift, with florals that express your love and thoughts, and a vase that can be kept as a keepsake. By gifting florals in a vessel, you can eliminate the stress and concern of finding a vase that matches the size and shape of the flowers. This enables the recipient to receive and appreciate the flowers without any hassle.

It’s essential to consider the recipient’s preferences when selecting a presentation style. Considering the space where you’ll display the flowers is also essential. For a church or funeral home, opt for a large and elaborate arrangement, while a smaller and more understated design would better suit a private residence.

By taking into account the recipient’s preferences and the display space for the flowers, you can create a beautiful and personalised sympathy flower arrangement that offers a meaningful tribute to their loved one.


If possible, it’s best to have the flowers delivered directly to the funeral home or the home of the bereaved. This ensures that you receive them in a timely and appropriate manner.

Sending sympathy flowers is a kind and caring gesture that can provide comfort and support during a difficult time. Select soft and delicate colours, that convey your message of care and sympathy. Arrange delivery with sensitivity and respect, for a comforting gesture of love and support.

If you are located on the Gold Coast, LULLY & ROSE has a variety of sympathy flowers available to choose from. Our florists can help you select the perfect arrangement to express your condolences and show your support during this difficult time. We hope this guide has been helpful to you in selecting the perfect sympathy flowers.

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