Dahlia Flowers and their meanings


How much do you know about the secret language of flowers? Most well known for its popularity in Victorian times, floriography is the study of the hidden meanings in gifting certain florals. Be sure to read Parts One, Two and Three of our Secret Language of Flowers series to learn more about the history of floriography and feel inspired by even more beautiful varieties of florals and foliages. These flowers and their meanings are sure to take your heart, just like they have ours! Which will you choose to include in your next luxury arrangement? 

Here at LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, we have the privilege and pleasure of seeing the stunning perfumed florals and foliages we work with going out into the world and expressing for our clients what words alone simply cannot. We are always so inspired by the beautiful moments we get to be a part of as a Gold Coast Florist, and by the natural beauty of flowers themselves. 

We hope you find a new favourite among the flowers and their meanings below. 


A member of the honeysuckle family, the sweet and fragrant Scabiosa flowers are also commonly known as pincushion flowers and are a favourite for butterfly gardens. Their name comes from both their unique appearance and their medicinal use in medieval times to treat Scabies and other itchy skin conditions, with their official name derived from the Latin word ‘Scabere’ meaning to scratch. Their wide diameter and numerous clustered florets gives them the appearance of a delicate pincushion, hence their colloquial name. Coming in shades of creamy white, mauve, dark purple, pinks and burgundy, this cottage garden style floral is beautifully textured and open. Symbolising peace, love and purity in the language of flowers and their meanings, it’s the perfect addition to your next arrangement. Gift inspiration for Scabiosa flowers could be a housewarming for peace in the home, purity for a newborn arrival or an expression of love for your partner, friend, or a special family member. If you’re a little on the crafty side, these florals also dry out well. 


These annual florals are well known, but we think their striking dragon’s head appearance is anything but common! They look incredible when paired with other floral and foliage varieties, and are a favourite at LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio to add a unique dimension and texture to your arrangements. We love them as part of a market-style wrap as well in their diverse range of colours from classic whites and pinks, to striking mauve, burgundy and apricot and lemon tones. In the secret language of flowers and their meanings, Snapdragons represent strength and grace – a perfect gift for someone you admire. 

Spray Rose

We could talk all day about the versatile, delicate and simply gorgeous Spray Rose! Spray Roses are a dainty miniature version of a classic Rose, and have several flower heads per stem for an elegant, loosely clustered effect. Flower meanings for Spray Roses follow the same colour patterns as traditional Roses: red for romance and love, lavender for a new love interest, lemon for friendship and warmth, white for purity, innocence and eternity, pink for grace and femininity, and orange for passion, energy and vibrance. Whatever you need to say, you can say it with Spray Roses. 


Stocks, also known as Virginia Stocks, are a beautiful tall-stemmed variety similar to Snapdragons. They’re a cottage garden style floral which are perfumed with a heady, sweet and slightly spicy fragrance. If you’re interested in gifting based on flowers and their meanings, Stocks symbolise a happy home and a contented life – for this reason, we love these flowers as part of a housewarming gift! Team it up with one of our beautiful Myles Gray fragrance diffusers or crystal candles for a perfect gift to celebrate their new home. 

Sweet Pea

What could be sweeter than Sweet Pea flowers and their meanings? These stunning butterfly-like florals are best described as climbing plants which produce upright clusters of vibrant flowers. Symbolising good wishes, friendship, kindness, and goodbyes, these florals make a lovely gift for a wide range of occasions from celebrating a friend’s successes to wishing someone well – not many florals bear the meaning of goodbyes, so this is a lovely one to include in a going away gift or a farewell for someone’s last day at work. Available in a beautiful colour palette of whites, lemon, pinks, peach, purples and mauves, Sweet Pea flowers are always an excellent choice. 


The Tuberose is a distinctively shaped, elegant little flower with a strong scent, and their extract is popular for use as a note in perfumery. Their leaves are upright and strappy in appearance, and are a lush green to fill out your arrangement. It’s delicate little clusters of slim white trumpeted bulbs are unique and beautiful flowers and their meanings are aligned with purity, peace and innocence. The flowers are also said to protect from evil spirits, making them a popular and appropriate choice to wear as buttonhole flowers for special occasions and weddings. 


Tulips are a classic and elegant choice for gifting florals, and are a favourite flower for many people. The Tulip industry has it’s origin story in Holland, a region of The Netherlands, when botanist Carolus Clusius was gifted Tulip bulbs from the ambassador to the sultan. Clusius grew the bulbs privately in his own collection, but when he refused to sell or share the gorgeous flowers with others, he found that his gardens were frequently raided and thus the Tulip industry began, and we are glad it did! 

Tulips are known as the national flower of The Netherlands, and the famous colourful flower fields receive over a million visitors per year. If you haven’t seen the stunning images of these Tulip fields, be sure to look them up now! There are also some gorgeous Tulip farms here in Australia, with some of the most well known ones being in Tasmania. Reminiscent of an upside down ball gown or ballerina skirt, the most popular variety of Tulips are the Hollandia Tulips, those perfectly shaped bulb-like flowers with deeply coloured stamens in the centre. Instantly recognisable, Tulip flowers and their meanings are representative of a deep and unconditional love and are a perfect gift option for someone you share a deep connection with, whether that be a romantic partner, friend or close family member. They’re also a stunning pick me up to show yourself some love, you deserve it! 


Veronica flowers are a lesser known floral variety, but once you’ve seen them you’ll be obsessed! Also called speedwell, gypsyweed or bird’s eye, Veronica flowers look as though they’ve been plucked straight from a magical fairy garden. They’re characterised by tall spires of tiny flowers in shades of purple, white, and pink and have a subtle fragrance. These flowers and their meanings symbolise loyalty, making them a versatile floral for gifting and a particularly meaningful choice for weddings and anniversaries. 


From the same family as Daisies and Sunflowers, it’s no surprise that the vibrant and colourful Zinnia flowers bring joy wherever they go! Zinnia flowers are perfectly rounded with numerous delicately shaped petals and can sometimes have an ombre effect from the outer edges in towards their broad, flat centre. Available in an array of vibrant colours, you’ll find Zinnias in shades of lavender, pinks, purple, lemon, coral, burgundy and green. With fresh and open flower heads, these welcoming florals are symbolic of acclaim, affection, friendship, everlasting love, remembrance, and tribute. This makes them perfect for gifting on any occasion! 

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