Our top 5 Mother’s Day flower and gift ideas




Mother’s Day History

Flowers, especially carnations, have played a significant symbolic role in the establishment of modern Mother’s Day traditions. Back in 1908, Anna Marie Jarvis organised a church memorial ceremony in Grafton, West Virginia, to honour her mother, who had provided care to wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. She sent 500 white carnations to attendees, setting the stage for the tradition of using carnations to remember mothers who have passed away. Today, red and pink carnations symbolise and honour living mothers.

Gifting flowers with LULLY & ROSE

We recognise that motherhood is diverse and it’s important to us that we can help you celebrate your loved ones or yourself on Mother’s Day. Gifting flowers is a beautiful sentiment that can help you express your love in more than just words, so we’ve created this blog to give you a guide to choosing the ideal arrangement as a Mother’s Day gift.

When selecting Mother’s Day gift ideas, consider starting with your mum’s favourite flowers or colours if you know them. This personal touch makes your gift even more special.

Our top 5 flowers ideas for mum this Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this special day than by giving your Mum beautiful fresh flowers? Flowers are timeless presents that can convey different emotions, from love and gratitude to admiration and appreciation. With so many flowers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to give. To help you out, here are our top 5 flower gift ideas for Mum this Mother’s Day that she will surely love.

Tulip flowers ideas for mum


Tulips are among the most popular flowers globally, cherished for their simple yet striking beauty. Originating in Turkey and introduced to Europe in the 16th century, tulips quickly became symbols of luxury and status. Today, they are cultivated worldwide and boast a wide array of colors, ranging from vibrant hues to soft pastel shades.

Pink, in particular, are beloved gift ideas for Mother’s Day, symbolising love, care, and recognition. The delicate shade of pink is also associated with femininity and tenderness, making it an ideal present selection for mums who appreciate subtlety and elegance.

What’s more, all our tulips are locally grown right here in Australia, freshly picked straight from the farm to your door. By choosing tulips, you’re not only expressing love but also supporting our local floral farmers and their families.

Versatile and beautiful, tulips make the ideal Mother’s Day gift ideas. Whether you opt for mauve, peach, or white, a bouquet of tulips will convey your love and appreciation for your mum. Surprise her with a stunning en masse bouquet of tulips and chocolates, and make this Mother’s Day truly memorable.

Dahlia flowers ideas for mum


Dahlias are fascinating flowers that boast a unique and captivating appearance. Widely cultivated, they come in a wide range of hues, shapes, and sizes, making them a cool choice for various present occasions.

Pink, in particular, are splendid gift ideas for Mother’s Day, symbolising admiration, appreciation, and gratitude. The soft and delicate pink hue also embodies femininity and elegance, making it an ideal present for mums who cherish sophistication and grace.

Moreover, our dahlias are locally grown right here on the Gold Coast Hinterland, grown in the picturesque Mount Tamborine area. Where a number of your gorgeous varietals are unique to her. Each floral is nurtured for our sunny Queensland weather, ensuring a unique and gorgeous bloom for your mum.

Consider gifting your mum with a beautiful en masse bouquet of dahlias, accompanied with chocolates, to make her Mother’s Day unforgettable. The striking and unique look of our local dahlias, coupled with their diverse range of cool colours and shapes, makes them a thoughtful present and meaningful gift ideas that your mum will truly appreciate this Mother’s Day.

Rose flowers ideas for mum
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Roses are timeless and elegant flowers that have long been associated with love, passion, and beauty. One of their most significant features is their symbolism. Pink roses symbolise gratitude, appreciation, and admiration, making them a perfect suggestion for mums who have played an essential role in your life. Pink roses come in various shades, from light to deep, each carrying a unique meaning. Light pink symbolise gentleness and admiration, while deep pink represent appreciation and gratitude.

White roses symbolise purity, innocence, and humility, making them another perfect choice for expressing admiration and appreciation towards your mum.

Consider gifting your mum a beautiful en masse bouquet of garden roses from our local micro grower, September Peony Farm, to add a special touch to her Mother’s Day celebrations. With their timeless elegance and petals that unfurl endlessly, roses are a thoughtful and meaningful present that your mum will cherish.

Why not add an extra special touch by choosing a colour that symbolises your relationship with your mum? Whether it’s expressing gratitude and appreciation or conveying admiration and humility, the perfect gift ideas for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Potted phalaenopsis orchid plant ideas for mum

White phalaenopsis orchid gifts arranged in a low set ceramic planter. Why orchids are the perfect gift on the gold Coast

Potted phalaenopsis orchid plants, also known as moth orchids, are elegant and luxurious flowers that boast a unique appearance and symbolism. They are a popular gift choice for ‘plant lover’ mums, conveying a message of love, beauty, and strength.

One of the most striking features of phalaenopsis is their graceful appearance. They have long, thin stems that carry multiple flowers, creating a beautiful and delicate look.

Orchids come in various colours, including purple, green, lemon, and the ever-popular white, among others. Each colour has a unique meaning, making it easier to choose the perfect shade for your mum.

For instance, pink symbolises devotion and femininity, making it an excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums who appreciate grace and elegance. Purple orchids, on the other hand, represent strength, admiration, and dignity, making them a beautiful present for mums who have shown resilience in their lives.

Phalaenopsis are perfect for mums who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy exotic and luxurious gifts. They require minimal maintenance and care, making them an excellent suggestion for busy mums who may not have time to care for cut flowers and other flowering plants.

In summary, orchids are stunning and exotic flowers that make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift ideas. With their graceful appearance and symbolism, they convey a message of devotion, beauty, and strength, making them a meaningful and thoughtful gift for mums.

Fragrant & sweet flowers ideas for mum
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Our fragrant and sweet flower collection exudes a soft, sweet fragrance that fills a room with delightful aroma. This collection features seasonal varieties such as freesias, hyacinths, sweet peas, daffodils, and jonquils, each known for their delicate and elegant appearance.

Our fragrant and sweet flower collection is a popular choice for Mother’s Day gift ideas due to its beauty and enchanting fragrance. When arranged together in a vase, these dainty flowers create a charming display, adding a touch of sweetness to any space. Their delicate appearance and sweet fragrance are sure to bring a smile to your mum’s face.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas

Selecting the perfect floral gifts for Mum is a chance to express your heartfelt appreciation. Whether you choose tulips, dahlias, or a potted phalaenopsis plant, your Mum will surely cherish the gesture. Surprise her with a stunning bouquet featuring her favourite blooms and create lasting memories this Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to explore our complete selection of fresh flowers for even more gifting inspiration, here.