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Let’s Talk About Wedding Flowers

LULLY & ROSE is a luxury Gold Coast florist located in the heart of the Gold Coast specialising in seasonal, perfumed, textured florals and foliages.  We service weddings across the Gold Coast, Hinterland, Northern Rivers NSW, Brisbane and beyond.

We’re here to help you create a memorable wedding, from the feature design elements down to the smallest details.

We understand the importance of creating a memorable impression, which is why we appreciate every couple has their own individual style and uniqueness. Whether your style is ‘simplistic & sweet’ or ‘luxe & lavish’, your wedding day is such an intimate and important day. Every couple deserves that extra bit of love and attention to detail to achieve an experience you will always remember.

We offer one on one consultations for your wedding experience, to ensure that we understand your vision and can help bring your dream wedding to life with fresh, seasonal florals and foliages. Your love isn’t like anyone else’s so why should your florals be? With love, let LULLY & ROSE create a unique floral experience and delicate perfumed memories to last a lifetime. You can book your complimentary initial consultation with us today.

We’ve also put together this blog for you to give you an overview of where florals can fit into your wedding to help you decide what’s important to you before you come in to meet us. Of course, if you’re unsure then we are more than happy to guide you through your options – after all, there’s a lot for you to plan! Let us worry about your wedding flowers so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

There’s so much to think about and plan for when you’re organising your wedding, and we know you want every detail to be just so. Choosing your wedding flowers doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, when you work with LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio our highly experienced floral designers are here to help you every step of the way, from your colour scheme to selecting the best seasonal florals available during your wedding season.

Below are a few key elements to consider and discuss with your partner.

Your Wedding Style
To ensure a cohesive aesthetic across your venue, it’s best to select a style early on that really resonates with you – Pinterest is going to be your best friend here! Get inspired by some of these popular wedding styles:

  • Beach & Coastal
  • Boho Luxe
  • Classic & Stylish
  • Elegant & Romantic
  • Lavish & Luxurious
  • Modern & Minimalist
  • Simple & Sweet

These are just a guide of course, and you may find that combining two styles suits you best as a couple. Have fun with it! From here, choosing the right wedding flowers will really create the atmosphere you’re looking for, and set the scene for the rest of the wedding decor.

Your Venue
Your wedding venue will dictate what varieties and how many wedding flowers you will need. If your wedding is in a natural outdoor setting such as a park, botanical garden or vineyard, flower choices can be more minimal as Mother Nature is already putting on her best show for you. An indoor ceremony or a reception may need more florals and more stylistic elements to create the natural, dreamy look you want for your wedding. Consider the look and feel of your venue when thinking about your florals and which styling category it falls into. This way, your florals will complement your venue instead of clashing or looking out of place. For example, a more rustic venue like a converted barn will lend itself to beautiful green foliage and wildflowers, whereas a ballroom will suit a more refined approach. Of course, here at LULLY & ROSE, we won’t let you go astray! As qualified floral designers, it’s our job to make sure every petal belongs.

Your Personal Preferences
Venues and wedding style aside, your personal wishes as a couple matter more than anything when it comes to your wedding – after all, it’s your day! If you have a favourite flower, or something with significance to your family, just let us know and we will do our best to incorporate it into your wedding. Occasionally, as we work with the seasons, we may not be able to source a particular floral, but in this case we’ll communicate closely with you to find a suitable alternative that still makes your heart sing. Likely, your chosen venue and wedding style will reflect your personal style anyway. Think about the look and feel you want for your wedding, as florals will go a long way in setting the scene. If we know how you want to feel, we can design something that evokes exactly that and complements your overall aesthetic.

The Season
As we mentioned above, florals are a beauty of the natural world and as such are seasonal in nature so may not be available all year round or may be incredibly expensive when out of season. Peonies are the perfect example of a highly sought after wedding floral which are only available a select few months of the year, something many brides don’t realise. But this is where we come in! We’re here to help you find the perfect floral no matter what the season – Grandiflora Roses and Hydrangea are ones we frequently substitute into wedding bouquets, and they often become the bride’s new favourite floral! We’re incredibly experienced with sourcing the best, most unique luxury florals and foliages during each season, so let LULLY & ROSE guide you with what florals are available and when. Even better, we have created a blog on what florals are available through each season and those florals that are available year-round.

Your Budget
There are many options available with wedding florals to suit every budget, so no matter what you land on, rest assured that your day will be perfectly perfumed with seasonal florals. However, there are also many elements and packages to consider when setting your flower budget so it’s worth discussing with your partner which pieces are most important to you and what you can do without. It’s always best to have at least a close idea in mind when you visit your florist to manage your expectations of what is achievable.

The first flowers you may think of are the bouquets and buttonholes for the bridal party, and these are certainly a focal point, especially for your ceremony and photos. You may also be considering a flower crown or floral hairpiece for the bride and bridesmaids/flower girls. For that added touch of luxury, all our floral bouquets, buttonholes & flower crowns are finished with Songbird Silk hand dyed silk ribbons, made locally in Byron Bay.

Bouquets and posies are usually carried by the bride and her bridesmaids and flower girls, who will usually carry a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet. Consider how many bridesmaids and flower girls you have in your wedding party when budgeting for this element, especially if adding flower crowns. The same goes for boutonnieres for the groomsmen, and other special guests like fathers and grandfathers, or corsages for mothers and grandmothers.

Other additions to your ceremony may be floral arrangements for the seats or the end of each aisle to add to the overall effect. Petals are another optional addition, which look blissfully elegant when tossed for photographs as you and your love exit the ceremony happily married. If you have a special furbaby involved in your ceremony, they can have a floral collar to match the rest of the wedding party, and they are going to look exceptionally adorable in it!

There are absolutely no rules with what you must or must not have for your wedding ceremony, though many couples do choose to have additional floral features such as for the arbor or archway, a flower wall for photographs and signage florals. These do make a stunning impact in photographs! In some venues, you may be able to use your arbor florals as a statement piece and as a backdrop for the cake stand at your reception, meaning they’ll be used all day.

Bringing us to the reception, the possibilities are absolutely endless! Hanging floral and foliage arrangements, table centrepieces, seating signage florals and the throwing bouquet are some of the many beautiful feature pieces we can help you decide on and design for your special day.

Whether you want your venue dripping in florals or prefer a more minimalist approach, LULLY & ROSE is here to bring your vision into reality.

We’re known for our luxury style and contemporary designs, which are a nod to the latest floristry trends coming out of European capital cities and infused with our own passion for florals. When you work with us, you know you’re getting the highest quality, freshly sourced florals designed with an eye for detail and a love for the industry to ensure you get the very best for a day you’ll remember forever.

If you need help selecting other wedding vendors, LULLY & ROSE can help with that too. We have many connections in the industry and can recommend our trusted suppliers for a variety of your wedding needs from wedding dresses, to wedding cakes, hire companies and more.

We hope to hear from you soon to discuss your wedding and how our wedding flowers can set the scene for the best day of your life.