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Is there anything more special than receiving a delivery of fresh flowers on your birthday? Our luxury arrangements of fragrant, seasonal florals are the perfect birthday gift for all ages and with an extensive range of varieties and add on gifts, you’re sure to find something to surprise and delight for birthdays of all kinds. 

LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio is a boutique floral design studio located in the heart of the Gold Coast. The space is a haven of textured, perfumed florals and foliages waiting to become something truly special in the hands of our qualified floral designers. As well as a beautiful range of contemporary posies and bouquets, LULLY & ROSE is also proud to offer artisanal Australian gifts to add that something extra to your next delivery. As a Gold Coast florist, it’s important to us to support local, which is why we also source our florals and foliages fresh from local growers and farmers wherever possible. 

We also know that birthdays come around quickly every year and sometimes it’s easy to get swept away and leave your gifting to the last minute – that’s why we offer same day delivery for orders placed before 11am to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas to ensure your arrangement arrives on time. For our florists delivery, we only use specialty floral courier Avidity Deliveries – our trusted partner from the start. We put a lot of love and care into arranging your floral creations, and we know they take just as much care into making sure they arrive to you fresh and in the beautiful condition they left our studio in. 

Order your gift now, or read on to get some floral inspiration for upcoming birthdays! 

Flowers For His Birthdays 

While florals might not be the first thing you think of for male birthdays, we know that men often love receiving flowers just as much as women! We’ve created many arrangements for lucky guys on their birthdays, and while blue is a popular colour choice for these, it is by no means the only option. We think that deep tones like burgundy and maroon are stunning for a gentleman, or even more neutral tones like coffee and white. Lots of greenery is also perfect for a more masculine look. If his space could benefit from some more plant life, a crisp white potted Phalaenopsis Orchid makes for a thoughtful birthday gift for all ages. 

If you’re opting for florals with a blue tone, you can rest assured that you won’t find any artificial spray painted varieties here at LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio. We are inspired constantly by the natural beauty of the florals and foliages we work with, so we opt to use only natural colour palettes. Some of the seasonal varieties we work with that are available in blue tones are: 

  • Hydrangea
  • Cornflower
  • Delphinium 
  • Hyacinth
  • Violets
  • Canterbury Bells

To help you get inspired when choosing florals for his birthdays, you could also select fragrant florals that match notes from his favourite cologne. 

Flowers for Her Birthdays 

Flowers are a classic and thoughtful choice for a feminine birthday gift for all ages. Give her a gift to remember this year with a LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio arrangement – she’s sure to appreciate all the extra details that make our bouquets extra luxe, from premium white tissue wrap to our signature silky rose gold ribbon. 

If you know she loves pinks, we can certainly accommodate with some of our favourite, fresh seasonally available varieties such as:

  • Hydrangea
  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Hyacinth
  • Sweet Pea
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Flowering Jasmine
  • Zinnias
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Dahlias
  • Veronica
  • Astilbe 

We are proud to offer a wide range of tasteful colour combinations from vibrant and colourful to natural and neutral for you to give on special birthdays and are more than happy to accommodate your requests. All our bouquets are carefully designed by our passionate florists, and no two are ever exactly the same. We only use the freshest, highest quality florals and foliages hand selected by us on the day, so you know you’re giving something truly unique and special. For something different this year, we also offer gorgeous En Masse bouquets for maximum impact – perfect for the minimalist woman in your life. 

Flowers for a New Baby’s Birthday 

When we said that flowers are the best birthday gift for all ages, we really meant it! Okay, we know that flowers sent for newborn birthdays are really for the Mum, which is just how it should be – after all, she’s just done something amazing and life changing! When you’re gifting florals for newborn birthdays, have a think about what that particular person would love – does she have a favourite flower or colour we could incorporate into her arrangement for you? You can choose our ‘leave it to us’ option and our talented floral designers will create something special and unique for this momentous occasion! We highly recommend choosing one of our contemporary glass vases as an add on to take your gift to the next level and ensure there’s no need for the new parents to go looking for a vase or rearrange their florals to fit something they have. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it when all they have to do is place their stunning gift straight on the table! 

If you want to go the extra mile, choose something to spoil her during this time – popular choices include a duo pack of Loco Love chocolates or a stunning crystal candle to restore a little feeling of luxury to this otherwise chaotic period, or some Tasmanian Sparkling wine so the parents can toast to their new addition. 

Flowers and Meanings by Birth Month 


Carnations and Snowdrops are the traditional birth flowers of January. Carnations signify love, fascination, distinction, protection, healing and strength. Snowdrops symbolise innocence and purity. 


For a symbolic February birthday gift for all ages, Violets and Primroses are your go to florals. Violets symbolise honesty, protection, dreams, healing, remembrance and determination. For an extra layer of meaning, look to Native American cultures where the violet is representative of temperance and mental clarity, or the chakra system of Hinduism and Buddhism where violet is the colour of the crown chakra – the energy centre associated with enlightenment. Primroses, on the other hand, are a dreamy and romantic floral associated with young love and are most often associated with conveying the feeling of not being able to live without your lover – a perfect birthday gift for your sweetheart. 


For March birthdays, look to the cheery Daffodil and Jonquil flower varieties. These joyful flowers symbolise rebirth and new beginnings. 


Sweet April birthdays can be celebrated with Daisies and Sweet Peas. Daisies are symbolic of innocence, new beginnings, fun and affection. Sweet Pea flowers give messages of bliss, happiness, good wishes, friendship and kindness. 


May birthdays have the birth flowers of Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. Happiness is the order of the day for a Lily of the Valley and these are traditionally given on the 1st of May, bonus points if that’s their birthday! Hawthorn flowers symbolise love, protection, happiness, hope and faith. 


Celebrating a June birthday? Roses are a traditional choice, and we often see pink or apricot chosen for a meaningful birthday gift for all ages to symbolise love and joyousness. Pink Roses en masse are particularly popular, but if you’re looking for something a little different, the Honeysuckle is another June birth flower and symbolises the pure happiness you wish for them on their special day. 


Traditional flower choices for July birthdays are Delphiniums and Water Lilies. Delphiniums are symbolic of openness to new experiences, positivity, joy, warmth and fun. Water lilies have spiritual significance in almost all ancient cultures, and represent innocence, purity, fertility, pleasure, celebration, hope, rebirth, wellness and peace. With these two stunners to choose from, you can’t go wrong with July birthday flowers. 


Shopping for August birthdays? Be delighted by Gladiolus and Poppy flowers! Symbolising strength, victory, and pride, the Gladiolus is a bold and beautiful addition to celebrate your birthday. Poppies are often associated with remembrance, but this floral is a multifaceted one which also carries meanings like luxury, success, peace, imagination and love. 


Celebrate September birthdays in style with Asters and Morning Glory flowers. Named after the Greek word for Star, Asters are symbolic of love, wisdom and faith. Morning Glory flowers are thought to imbue their recipient with resilience and strength, perfect for celebrating the start of a wonderful new year of life.  

October – 

October birthdays are vibrant with flowers like Marigold and Cosmos as traditional birthday gifts for all ages. The Marigold is a beacon of positivity and energy, symbolising happiness, joy, optimism and good luck. Cosmos flowers represent order, harmony, modesty, balance beauty and joy. 


Chrysanthemums are the classic flower to gift for November birthdays, and they’re a favourite among many. Symbolising happiness, love, longevity and joy, they’re sure to brighten someone’s birthday! 


Celebrate December birthdays with Paperwhite Narcissus and the classically festive Holly. Paperwhite Narcissus flowers are symbolic of respect, perfect for gifting to someone special on their birthday. While traditionally associated with Christmas, Holly is a meaningful December birthday gift for all ages symbolising happiness, optimism, good fortune and peace. 

Astrological Birthday Flowers 

Astrology is becoming more and more popular, so if you’re interested in star signs, we’ve also included a quick guide below to some birth flowers associated with each sign. There’s also a wide variety of florals which are compatible with the zodiac signs even though they’re not the specified birth flower – aren’t flowers just magical?

Aries – Thistle and Honeysuckle 

Taurus – Rose, Poppy and Foxglove 

Gemini – Lavender and Lily of the Valley 

Cancer – White Roses

Leo – Marigold and Sunflowers

Virgo – Buttercups

Libra – Bluebells and Roses 

Scorpio – Dark Red Geraniums 

Sagittarius – Carnations

Capricorn – Pansies and Ivy 

Aquarius – Orchids 

Pisces – Water Lily 

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