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Whether you’re planning the perfect gift of a special someone’s favourite flowers, or searching for your dream wedding bouquet, timing is everything when it comes to flower availability. Being a beauty of the natural world, flowers are by season, and the time of year will dictate what is available to you at the time you need them.

Interested in learning more about which favourite Australian florals are available when? We’ve prepared this blog to help the planners among us ensure that they can get the type of flowers they want or plan ahead to choose new favourites based on the season to avoid disappointment. Peonies are by far the most popular and preferred choice for modern brides, however not many brides are aware that Peonies are only in season for a select few months of the year. If your wedding does not fall within these months, a stunning substitute for Peonies are David Austin Roses. At LULLY & ROSE, our talented and experienced florists know how to work with the seasons to make your floral dreams come true and would be delighted to help you.

It’s one of our core values to support local, so LULLY & ROSE will always purchase from Australian flower farmers first wherever possible. However, in some instances imported flowers from overseas are also used. We endeavour to hand select the freshest and most beautiful seasonal flowers by season from the local flower markets available to us on the day. This means that you get gorgeous flowers that last, with transparent sourcing and elegant arrangements.

Australian Flowers By Season

Check out our list below of our favourite seasonal flowers, when they’re available in Australia and which colour varieties there are to choose from.


Summer florals in Australia are some of the most beautiful arrangements we put together, with lots of gorgeous show stopping florals like Peonies & Hydrangeas available to take an arrangement to the next level. For softer looks though, you can’t go past light pink Peonies and for a more elegant arrangement, Hydrangeas always add something a little special. For the lovers, why not ask for deeply toned Grandiflora Roses?

Amaranthus – Burgundy, Green & Toffee

Andromeda – White & Pinks

Blackberries – Green

Bouvardia – White & Pink

Calla Lily – Blush, Dark Purple, White, Cream, Lemon, Peach, Pink & Mauve

Cherry Blossom Branches – White & Pink

Copper Beech Foliage – Burgundy

Cornflower – Blue & White

Cosmos – White, Pink & Purple

Dahlia – Pinks, White, Latte, Apricot, Purple, Orange, Corals & Burgundy

David Austin Rose – Pinks, Whites, Apricots, Lemon & Burgundy

Gloriosa Lily – Pink/Yellow

Hydrangea – Pinks, White, Blues, Burgundy, Mauves, Purples, Mottled Antique Tones & Green

Hydrangea Paniculata – Pink & White

Kangaroo Paw – Burgundy, Green, Rust & Yellow

Lisianthus – White, Cream, Pinks, Purples, Mauves & Green

Maple Foliage – Green, Rust, Yellows, Orange & Burgundy

Oak Foliage – Green & Rust

Peony – White, Cream, Light Pinks, Dark Pinks & Coral

Privot Berry Foliage – Black & Green

Scabiosa – Creamy White, Mauve, Dark Purple, Pinks & Burgundy

Snapdragons – Whites, Pinks, Mauve, Burgundy, Apricots, Orange & Yellows

Snowberry – White

Tuberose – Creamy White

Zinnia – Lavender, Pinks, Purple, Lemon, Coral, Orange, Burgundy & Green


There’s something special about flowers in Autumn, as the weather starts to cool off and trees start to shed their leaves. Our Autumn arrangements are anything but fading though, with gorgeous seasonal florals flourishing at this time of year. Delphiniums are a standout Autumn flower, and Freesias are another popular favourite.

Amaranthus – Burgundy, Green & Toffee

Bouvardia – White & Pinks

Calla Lily – Blush, Plum, Dark Purple, White, Cream, Lemon, Peach, Pink, Mauve, Yellow & Orange

Cornflower – Blue & White

Cosmos – White, Pink & Purple

Cymbidium Orchid – Burgundy, White, Cream, Browns/Golds, Pinks, Greens & Yellows

Dahlia – Pinks, Whites, Lattes, Apricots, Purples, Oranges, Yellows & Burgundy

David Austin Rose – Pinks, Whites, Apricots, Lemon & Burgundy

Delphinium – White, Purple, Pink, Light Blue & Dark Blue

Double Tulip – White, Green, Pinks, Mauve, Purples, Orange & Burgundy

Early Cheers – White with light yellow centres

Erica – White, Pinks & Purples

Freesia – White, Lavender & Pink

Heather – Purple

Hyacinth – White, Pinks, Purples & Apricot

Hydrangea – Pinks, White, Blues, Purples, Burgundy, Mauves, Purple, Mottled Antique Tones & Green (Hydrangea season ends early May)

Jasmine Foliage – Green

Kale – White/Green, Purple/Green & Green

Lavender – Purple/Mauve

Lisianthus – White, Cream, Lemons, Pinks, Purples, Mauves & Green

Paper Whites – White

Pepper Berry – Pink

Scabiosa – Creamy White, Mauve, Dark Purple, Pinks & Burgundy

Sedum – White, Pink & Coral

Snapdragons – White, Pinks, Apricot, Mauve, Orange & Lemon

Stock – Peach, Lemon, White, Pinks & Mauves

Tuberose- White/Off-White

Tulip – White, Pinks, Purples, Mauves, Yellows, Orange & Burgundy

Veronica – Purple, White & Pink

Zinnia – Lavender, Pinks, Purple, Lemon, Coral, Orange, Burgundy & Green


There’s no wrong time of year for fresh flowers, and you may find your winter florals last even longer in the cold weather. Poppies come into season in Australia’s winter, with a range of colours available for a special addition to any arrangement. Tulips are another winter favourite, adding sophistication and clean lines to your bouquet.

Andromeda – White & Pinks

Anemones – White, Purples, Pinks & Burgundy

Blushing Bride – Cream/Pink & Cream/White

Cymbidium Orchid – Burgundy, White, Cream, Toffee, Pinks, Greens & Yellows

Daffodil – Yellow

Double Tulip – White, Green, Pinks, Mauve, Purples, Orange & Reds

Early Cheers – Cream

Freesia – White, Mauve, Purples, Pinks, Yellow, Orange, Red

Garryeya Foliage – Green

Helleborus – Antique Tones, Purples & Green

Hyacinth – White, Blues, Pinks, Purples & Apricot

Jasmine Vine Foliage – Pink Buds with White Flowers

Jonquil – White, Cream & Bright Yellow

Kale – White/Green, Purple/Green, Green

Lavender – Purple

Magnolia Branch – Brown Buds with Pink/White Flowers

Peony – White, Light Pinks, Dark Pinks, Coral & Burgundy

Poppy – Red, Oranges, Yellow, Lemon & White

Privet Berry Foliage – Black Berry with Green Foliage

Ranunculus – White, Plum, Burgundy, Pinks, Reds, Apricot & Antique Tones

Stock – Mauve, Peach, White, Pinks & Purples

Sweet Pea – White, Pinks, Purples & Mauve

Tulip – White, Pinks, Purples, Mauve, Lemon, Yellow, Orange, Red & Burgundy

Wax Flower – White & Pink


We love springtime here at LULLY & ROSE, and spring florals are a florist’s dream. What flowers will you be bringing home with you this season? Spring is of course also very popular for weddings, and the season offers some gorgeous flowers sure to delight any bride.

Andromeda – White & Pinks

Anemones – White, Purples, Pinks & Burgundy

Arabs Eye – White with Black Centre

Blossom Branches – Pinks & Whites

Blushing Bride – Cream/Pink & Cream/White

Chincherinchee – White

Corn Flower – Blue & White

Dogwood Branches – Light Pink & White

Flannel Flower – White

Freesia – White, Lavender & Pink

Hellebores – Antique Tones, Pinks, Mauve, Cream, Plum & Green

Jasmine Vine Foliage – Green with White & Pink buds

Lilac – Purple, White, Mauve (flowering for only 3-4 weeks generally in September/October)

Lisianthus – White, Cream, Lemons, Pinks, Purples, Mauves & Green

Peony – White, Cream, Light Pinks, Dark Pinks & Coral

Ranunculus – White, Plum, Burgundy, Pinks, Orange, Apricot & Muted Antique Tones

Snapdragons – White, Pinks, Apricot, Mauve, Orange & Lemon

Snow Ball Viburnum – White/Green

Sweet Pea – White, Pink, Purple, Mauve & Burgundy

Tulip – White, Pinks, Purples, Mauves, Yellows, Orange & Burgundy

Tuberose- White/Off-White

Tweedia- Blue & White

Waratah – Red & White

Wax Flower – Pinks & White


Our beautiful Australian climate does mean that we can source stunning flowers for you at any time of year, and this selection offers options that are great as feature florals in an arrangement or as supporting foliage to a seasonal flower. Bunny tails are very popular at the moment, and for good reason – they’re versatile, everlasting and add an interesting texture to arrangements.

Other LULLY & ROSE favourite florals and foliage that we just couldn’t do without and are available all year round are Ivy Berry for our posy and bouquet arrangements paired with Cottage Roses, and Carnations to complement pastel tones or break up colourful and vibrant flowers. No matter when you order your flowers, we’ll make sure you find something you love.

Alstroemeria – White, Pinks, Peach, Burgundy, Lemon & Purples

Aster – White, Pinks, Purples & Coral

Baby’s Breath – White or tinted any colour

Banksia – Browns, Yellows, Creams, Oranges & Burgundy

Billy Buttons – Yellow or tinted any colour

Bunny Tails – Natural & Tinted any colour

Carnations – White, Cream, Antique Tones, Apricot, Lemon, Burgundy & Pinks

Cottage Rose – Pinks, Whites, Creams, Reds, Yellows, Apricot, Mauve & Burgundy

Delphinium – White, Blue, Purples & Pinks

Disbud Chrysanthemum – White, Pinks, Mauves or various dyed colours – inc. Latte & Apricot

Eucalyptus Foliage – Grey/Green

Hypericum Berry – Pink, White, Green & Burgundy

Italian Ruscus Foliage – Green

Ivy Berry Foliage – Green with Black berries

King Protea – Pink & White

Lily – White & Pinks

Pampas & Phragmites – Natural & Tinted in pastel tones

Phalaenopsis Orchid – Natural/Tinted (Imported) – White, Purple, Pinks, Apricot or tinted various colours inc. Mocha, Peach

Pittosporum Foliage – Green with White

Preserved Palms, Ruscus, Hydrangea, Ferns & Amaranthus – Natural, White & Tinted in pastel tones.

Protea – Burgundy & White

Queen Annes Lace – White, Purple & Chocolate

Roses – All the Colours

Spray Rose – White, Cream, Pinks, Lemon, Mauve, Apricot, Oranges & Burgundy

Sweet William – Whites, Pinks, Mauves & Burgundy

Australian Flower Availability

If you have any questions about flower availability or what we can create for you at LULLY & ROSE, please contact us today on 0481 810 535, via email at or through our convenient contact form.

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