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Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s customary to reflect on the special bond we share with our own mothers or motherly figures. Yet, this day holds significance beyond honoring just one individual. This month, let’s broaden our perspective and acknowledge the various mum figures who have left indelible marks on our lives in meaningful ways.

In Australia, where Mother’s Day coincides with the blossoming of chrysanthemums in May, the association between the flower and the occasion is both symbolic and timely. However, beyond the beauty of flowers lies a deeper significance rooted in the origins of Mother’s Day gifting. Initially conceived as a day to recognise the overlooked individuals and unite communities, Mother’s Day has evolved into a cherished tradition that resonates with people worldwide.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s an opportune moment to express appreciation and gratitude for the maternal figures in our presence. Whether through heartfelt cards, meaningful gifts, beautiful florals or simply spending quality time together, there are countless ways to make this day truly memorable.

Moreover, around the globe, Mother’s Day (Mom’s Day) is celebrated on different dates, yet its essence remains universal. Originating from Anna Jarvis’s heartfelt memorial for her mom in the United States, the holiday gained international prominence, including in Australia. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Mrs. Janet Heyden, who spearheaded a campaign to support marginalised lonely and forgotten mums, Australia embraced Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day gifting as an annual tribute to maternal affection and sacrifice.


Mother’s Day history

Flowers, especially carnations, have played a significant symbolic role in the establishment of modern Mother’s Day traditions. Back in 1908, Anna Marie Jarvis organised a church memorial ceremony in Grafton, West Virginia, to honour her mom, who had provided care to wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. She sent 500 white carnations to attendees, setting the stage for the tradition of using carnations to remember moms who have passed away. Today, red and pink carnations symbolise and honour living moms.

As we prepare to honour mums, let’s not overlook the myriad of other extraordinary women who fulfil maternal roles in our lives. From grandmothers and aunts to friends who gift unwavering support, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the diverse array of maternal figures who enrich our world with their love and guidance.

Whether she answers by ma, mama, mum, mom, or any other endearing title, the Individual who nurtured and cared for you deserves heartfelt recognition. This Mother’s Day, let’s extend our gratitude beyond our immediate family and acknowledge the countless women whose love and guidance have shaped our lives and gifted us joy.


Mother’s Day fresh flowers and gifts

At LULLY & ROSE, we offer a diverse selection of fresh flower options for Mother’s Day. Choose from our Signature Posies and Designer Bouquets, both popular choices for celebrating Mum. Alternatively, embrace the on-trend En Masse style, featuring one floral variety with no additional foliage for maximum impact, perfect for minimalist mums. Additionally, for a unique treat, explore our locally grown flower and chocolate bouquets, which include a market-style arrangement gifted with Byron Bay Loco Love chocolates. Discover our suggestions for Mother’s Day flowers and gifts, here.


Mother’s Day gift ideas

Looking to infuse your Mother’s Day celebration with even more admiration and thoughtfulness? Dive into our collection of Australian-made, handmade, locally sourced artisan gifts.Take your time exploring our collection and find the perfect addition that captures the essence of your relationship with your mum. Because this Mother’s Day isn’t just about the gifts—it’s about celebrating the connection you share. Explore our full range of gift ideas to find the perfect gift that your mum will adore, here.


Send gifts for mum from LULLY & ROSE

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Embrace the charm of Mother’s Day gifting with LULLY & ROSE, and let us curate heartfelt memories and expressions of gratitude this Mother’s Day. Furthermore, explore our range of flowers and gifts here.