Wedding Anniversary Flowers


You probably celebrated your wedding day with a stunning bouquet of florals, and other adornments which will forever remind you of your special day. Therefore, florals are intrinsically linked to celebrating wedding anniversaries, as it stands to reason. Whether it’s that delicate perfume that reminds you of the moment you walked down the aisle, or the colours and aesthetic of a special flower that will always signify the day you and your partner became married and stepped into the next stage of your lives together. There’s nothing more romantic than luxurious wedding anniversary flowers!

Throughout the centuries florals have been used in weddings and symbolic anniversary gifts have tied certain flowers to relationship milestones. A perfect way to mark the love and growth between you and your partner is selecting a flower that symbolises your relationship. Florals symbolise the love you share, bringing nature’s beauty into your home with a stunning wedding anniversary arrangement

At LULLY & ROSE, we adore LOVE, and nothing delights us more than creating beautiful arrangements for your special moments. We’ve put together this guide to which florals you could include in your posy of wedding anniversary flowers, but of course there are no hard and fast rules.

1st Anniversary with Carnations

The traditional floral for celebrating the first wedding anniversary is carnations, and many couples will have had these delicate, fluffy flowers featured in their wedding. This makes them extra special wedding anniversary flowers!

Carnations represent passionate love and commitment and are often chosen for the first anniversary because of their association with young, passionate love. One of the original flower meanings passed down over the centuries for carnations is that a posy of fresh carnations would cause immediate and lasting love, a beautiful sentiment to refresh on the first anniversary of your wedding. Like many flowers, the colour you choose for your carnations has meaning too: red carnations represent love, pride, friendship, passion and admiration; white carnations represent innocence, purity and pure love; and the pink carnation symbolises the unforgettable nature of the recipient, radiating joy and a promised long lasting commitment. In our book, they’re all stunning choices and you really can’t go wrong with this classic first wedding anniversary floral!

2nd Anniversary with Lily of the Valley & Cosmos

For your second wedding anniversary flowers, opt for Lily of the Valley and Cosmos florals – the symbol of devotion and pure love in your relationship, and the playfulness that comes with this stage in your relationship. Lily of the Valley is a delicate floral with a transcendent fragrance that will perfectly capture the love you have now and into the future. Combined with the vibrant and lively Cosmos, these florals will set the tone for a beautiful evening of celebration!

3rd Anniversary with Sunflowers

Is there anything more joyous than beautiful, vibrant sunflowers smiling at you? With their open petals shining, this beloved floral is a fun and meaningful choice to celebrate your third wedding anniversary. As their petals radiate outwards from their warm brown centre, so too does the love and passion radiate from your relationship. Their thick green stems represent the growth and strong foundation of the marriage, and represent strength, loyalty, consistency and trust. Combine these wedding anniversary flowers with an outdoor picnic for the ultimate day of joy in celebrating what you have and what’s to come.

4th Anniversary with Hydrangeas

An absolute favourite floral at LULLY & ROSE is Hydrangeas, so we’re excited to say they are the traditional wedding anniversary flowers for your fourth year of marriage. Of course, we think they’re a stunning addition to add a unique texture to any bouquet, but on this occasion they have a special meaning. Hydrangeas are symbolic of the beauty and respect found in your relationship and the appreciation you have for one another, an enviable quality which helps you sail through the good and the bad alike! These stunning florals also represent the gratitude and pride you have in your relationship. Celebrate each other with heartfelt words of appreciation and Hydrangeas on this anniversary.

5th Anniversary with Daisies

Fifth anniversary flowers are the dainty, happy Daisies! Representative of innocence, purity and gentleness, daisies are symbolic of the special bond and romance within your relationship. If you like to keep with tradition, Daisies are the wedding anniversary flowers for you this year! In Victorian times, maidens would pluck petals from Daisies to determine their romantic future, saying “he loves me, he loves me not” with each petal. With the gift of luxury florals and local artisan goods, there will be no doubt in their mind how much you love them.

6th Anniversary with Calla Lilies

The elegant and sophisticated Calla Lily is symbolic of all the ways you and your partner have grown and become even more attractive to one another over the past six years. Their waxy, refined petals are trumpet-shaped to represent transition and growth, making this floral a romantic gift for your sixth wedding anniversary flowers. Pair these florals with one of our sparkling wine or champagne options and celebrate your shared wisdom and love.

7th Anniversary with Freesias

The deeply fragrant Freesia is the traditional choice for your seventh anniversary flowers. Freesias signify faithfulness, trust, fidelity, innocence and friendship. Choose red to convey passion, yellow for joy, white for purity and innocence or leave it up to us to design something that’s just as unique as your relationship. It is sometimes said that the seventh year of marriage provokes restlessness, however there’s no need to worry when you have the sweet smelling Freesia as a reminder of your love’s honourable character.

8th Anniversary with Lilacs

With their heart-shaped, deep green leaves and irresistibly fragrant florals, Lilacs have been treasured for generations and make a clear choice for your eighth wedding anniversary flowers. Reminiscent of springtime and young love, they symbolise and recall love’s first emotions. The eighth anniversary is a great time to look back and remember what brought you together when you first met. Purple Lilac buds stand for the indelible emotions associated with first love, while white lilac buds are a symbol of youth and innocence. Celebrate this milestone with stunning luxury florals and something you did together when you first met – could you visit the spot of your first date?

9th Anniversary with Bird of Paradise

Although this is a floral you will not see within our arrangements, Bird of Paradise have a majestic, organic feeling. Resembling one of the most striking, exotic birds in the world, ‘birds of paradise’ are instantly recognisable with their large orange and blue petals perched atop long green stems. Their breathtaking, colourful heads signify the magnificence of love, freedom and happiness, three qualities that make it a stunning choice to celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary – perhaps you could plant some in your garden together to symbolise your continued growth together.

10th Anniversary with Daffodils

A 10th anniversary celebration would be incomplete without yellow daffodils. Mark a decade of togetherness with these sweet, fragrant, delightful florals as a reminder of the simple everyday joys that a couple shares. These vibrant florals are sure to add an extra touch of happiness to your celebration. 

11th Anniversary with Tulips

Start your second decade of marriage with a declaration of love in the form of dewy, fresh Tulips! These elegant and romantic florals are stunning as an En Masse bouquet, needing no input from other florals. Traditionally, the Tulips’ velvety black centre was said to represent the heart of a lover whose heart had been darkened by passion. If that doesn’t spark something on this milestone occasion, we don’t know what will! A bouquet of Tulips given as eleventh wedding anniversary flowers are symbolic of true love. For an extra layer of meaning, you can let us know what colour speaks to you the most:

Red for passion and devotion
Pink for happiness and confidence
Purple for royalty
Yellow for cheerfulness
White for spiritual love and togetherness 

12th Anniversary with Peonies

Your twelfth wedding anniversary may just be the most decadent one yet, and your celebrations may be more refined than they were in the beginning. If you appreciate the finer things in life, you’ll love our En Masse bouquets of Peonies, paired with melt in your mouth artisan chocolates and French champagne. Giving Peonies on the twelfth anniversary is symbolic of prosperity and good fortune. These florals are regarded as a sign of riches, honour, good fortune and a happy marriage. An omen of wedded bliss, the Peony is a luxurious and meaningful choice for twelfth anniversary flowers. Gift a bouquet to your significant other, or a happy couple in your life to make their milestone celebration even more special.

13th Anniversary with Chrysanthemums

While misfortune is frequently associated with the number thirteen, there’s nothing unlucky about your thirteenth year when you celebrate with Chrysanthemums as your wedding anniversary flowers. In fact, it is said that those who gaze on a bouquet of Chrysanthemums actually improve their luck! Maybe this is the anniversary to take a chance on trying something new or celebrating with a nice dinner at the casino.

In many cultures the Chrysanthemum is the symbol of royalty, so why not treat your loved one like royalty with a fresh and fragrant bouquet of abundant chrysanthemum disbuds.

14th Anniversary with Orchids and Dahlias

Orchids stand for unwavering love, strength and luxury, acting as a very symbolic 14th anniversary gift. With their universal message of love, beauty, wisdom and thoughtfulness, the graceful Orchid symbolises affection and understanding. You could even consider gifting a potted Phalaenopsis Orchid, for an elegant gift that keeps on giving.

Dahlias also make a striking statement that will delight your significant other with their fluffy petals and fragrant scent. This is why it’s also chosen as the flower to represent a 14th wedding anniversary.

Either of these stunning fresh florals are sure to send the message that there are plenty of exciting times yet to come in your marriage, and with LULLY & ROSE you know they’ll be presented and delivered with the utmost luxury and care.

15th Anniversary with Roses

A classic symbol of love, Roses are your go to wedding anniversary flowers for your fifteenth year together. Celebrate this important milestone with fresh, locally sourced roses En Masse or in one of our luxury arrangements to show your love that none of the passion of your relationship has waned over the years. In addition to traditional connotations of love and romance, Roses symbolize balance, something you’ve learned in 15 years together!

Red roses, known as the lover’s rose, beautifully symbolize enduring passion, beauty, respect, courage, romance, and long-lasting love for anniversaries. For a touch of creativity, consider these rose hues:

Orange symbolises enthusiasm and desire
Purple, enchantment and first love
Pink conveys gratitude, appreciation, and admiration
White signifies worthiness

20th Anniversary with Asters

These whimsical, star-like florals represent a combination of gained wisdom and good fortune. On your 20th wedding anniversary, demonstrate that your love was written in the stars for your spouse. It’s not hard to believe that Asters are purported to have magical properties and are said to be a talisman of love. Sending this traditional flower to celebrate this important milestone will communicate your appreciation of all you’ve gained through two decades of life together. Could a romantic night of stargazing be in order as well?

25th Anniversary with Irises

After a quarter century of marriage, celebrate in style with the gorgeous Irises. The Iris is a royal flower and makes a clear statement that you still see your spouse as royalty. Irises are an omen of a successful and long-lasting marriage and will make an impression on your loved one. Share a bottle of wine together as you admire these elegant florals and one another.

30th Anniversary with Lilies

When you want your 30th anniversary to be centered on devotion and pride, gift your partner an En Masse bouquet of stunning Lilies. These classically beautiful florals truly encapsulate the majestic status of 30 years of marriage. In addition to symbolising magnificence, the sweetly fragrant Lily with its star shaped petals represents devotion, pride and beauty.

40th Anniversary with Gladioli

After forty years of marriage, your relationship is totally unique and full of its own grace and charm. The Gladioli is the official flower of fortieth wedding anniversaries because of their long, slim shape and colourful flowers. Gladioli symbolise all the wonderful memories and experiences that have transformed your lives together. The Gladioli signifies remembrance, making them fitting for an anniversary with so many years to remember.

50th Anniversary with Violets & Yellow Roses

The official wedding anniversary flowers of fifty years of marriage are Violets and yellow roses. The golden anniversary, marking 50 years of marriage, fittingly embraces two flowers to symbolise its remarkable significance

Symbolising virtue, modesty and faithfulness, violets represent the combination of humility and commitment that sustains an enduring union. Yellow roses signify delight and friendship. Marking 50 years, yellow roses express joy and companionship, symbolising a spouse as your truest best friend and confidant. These flowers gifted together represent love, faith and humility, which are the pillars of a long and happy marriage. If you’re celebrating this huge milestone with family and friends, consider also using these florals as table decorations.

LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio is eager to assist in celebrating your milestones. Contact us to help you celebrate with an extra touch of luxe.