Flower Language | The Secret Language Of Flowers – Part 2


Welcome to The Secret Language Of Flowers Part 2 of our flower language blog! If you missed Part 1, you can read it The Secret Language Of Flowers Part 1. Here at LULLY & ROSE Floral Studio, we are committed to creating stunning luxury seasonal floral arrangements to accent your next special event or show someone you love them. Inspired constantly by the natural beauty of flowers, we’ve put together this guide to flower language and their meanings for you to learn more about some of the seasonal perfumed, textured florals and foliages we love to work with.



Is there anything more satisfying than beautiful, fresh and fluffy Dahlias? This well-known floral is a favourite of ours, and we are lucky to be able to source some of the most stunning Dahlias from local growers right here on our doorstep in Queensland. Their layered, soft triangular petals create a lush, textured effect on this lovely, full-bodied flower.

Dahlias are available in a range of colours such as pinks, white, latte, apricot, purple, orange, corals and burgundy making them a versatile ornamental choice for your arrangement. There are a range of meanings attributed to Dahlias, such as elegance, inner strength, change, creativity and dignity, and they’re perfect for most occasions and for both family, friends and romantic relationships. Dahlias can also symbolise a lasting bond and lifelong commitment and are a popular choice for bridal bouquets.


This sunny yellow floral is instantly recognisable with its six symmetrical petals and trumpet shaped centre which is deeper in colour than the petals and almost orange in some varieties.

The Daffodil is best known in Australia as the symbol of the Cancer Council and its pride of place in the Daffodil Day Appeal. The Cancer Council funds cancer research, provides information and support for people impacted by cancer and runs education programs to try and prevent cancer before it starts. Daffodil Day is a national effort to raise important funds, where volunteers, schools and organisations run stalls selling Daffodil flowers and Daffodil merchandise.

Fittingly, the Daffodil symbolises rebirth and new beginnings. Flowers and their meanings are weaved into the fabric of our world more than we might realise.


The show-stopping Delphinium is a taller floral, with clustered bursts of colourful flowers all along the stem. Available in white, purple, pink, light blue and dark blue, this unique floral is perfect for adding height and dimension to your arrangements. Delphiniums represent openness to new experience, positivity, joy, warmth and fun, making them a stunning addition to your arrangements for birthdays, newborn arrivals, house warmings and more.


Disbud Chrysanthemums are a large, distinctive floral with dozens of tiny delicate petals clustered together to create a partial sphere with a fluffy, almost velvet-like appearance. This statement floral is beautifully textured and available in a range of colours: white, pinks, mauves are the natural hues and dyed varieties include latte and apricot. Chrysanthemums are the flower of the month of November and can relate to a number of meanings such as life and rebirth, sympathy, respect and honour. These are stunning focal flowers for your next arrangement and can be selected based on colour to suit any occasion.


Most of you will probably be familiar with the beautiful clean lines of tulips, but have you seen double tulips before? They are sometimes known as peony tulips, due to their lacy, layered petals that resemble a peony in miniature. These elegant, textured florals are available in a variety of colours such as white, green, pinks, mauve, purples, orange and burgundy. Tulip flowers and their meanings vary depending on the colour, similar to roses: red for love, yellow for well wishing, cream for commitment, pink for friendship and purple for admiration. Red tulips are considered the traditional flower for an 11th wedding anniversary, so why not make them double tulips for extra impact?


Jonquil Erlicheers are characterised by tall, thick stems with a breathtaking cloud of intensely perfumed clustered florals at their pinnacle. Typically cream to ivory in colour, these impressive beauties are also known as ‘double daffodils’ or ‘multi-headed daffodils’. Unlike traditional daffodils, the stems are hollow and typically shorter, and the extra layers of petals mean they more closely resemble carnations and peonies. They share the daffodil symbolism of rebirth and new beginnings, making them a lovely baby shower gift.


Looking for something a little fancy? Fancy Frills tulips are a beautiful variety with the distinctive bulb shape of traditional tulips and eye-catching petals that ruffle out towards the top of the floral to create a fringed texture. These delicate fringes mimic the skirt of an elegant upside ball gown, fading from a soft ivory into a vivid pink and add a beautiful dimension to your arrangements, perfect for treating someone special.


Freesias are an elegant floral with a beautiful, branched stem holding six to twelve trumpet-shaped flowers which open out to soft, graceful petals. Delicately scented, these florals emanate a beautiful baby-powder fragrance. These popular florals are available in a range of colours such as white, lavender, pink, yellow, reds and orange tones. Freesias have a range of meanings which are all as lovely as the floral itself: friendship, trust, thoughtfulness and innocence. Freesias have long been a favourite for wedding bouquets due to their beauty and symbolism of the bride’s purity and the trust between the bride and groom. Let flower language and their meanings add extra depth to your next special occasion.


The beautifully open petals of the Hellebores flower welcome you in, and their shape is reminiscent of a delicate porcelain teacup. Their satisfyingly symmetrical petals come in hues of antique tones, purples and green and meet an intricate centre flower called a nectary. Hellebores bear dual significance in the language of flowers and their meanings and can refer to a scandal, however we prefer the lighter side of this luxury floral as a symbol of hope.


Hyacinths are a full-bodied textured floral with densely-packed florets that open up to waxy, reflexed petals. Furthermore, this highly fragrant variety boasts a stunning cascade of bell-shaped flowers that can be found in shades of white, pinks, purples and apricot. When it comes to flowers and their meanings, sentiments attributed to the Hyacinth include peace, commitment, and beauty.


Hydrangeas are a floral beloved by many, and we are no exception to that here at LULLY & ROSE. Whether cut or growing naturally on the plant, these large sphere-shaped clusters are breathtaking ‘pom-poms’ of lacy, star-shaped florals atop wooden stems. Hydrangea flower continues to amaze us, as their colour is determined by the soil acidity, and can change over time if there are changes to the soil.

There are a number of varieties which bloom in different formations, the most well-known of these being the Mophead Hydrangea – the classic ball-shaped clusters seen in shades of pinks, white, blues, burgundy, mauves, purples, mottled antique tones and green. Due to the number of flowers in each cluster, Hydrangeas can be seen as a symbol of abundance, and also represent gratitude, grace and beauty. These luxurious florals are also the traditional flower to give for a fourth wedding anniversary, and the pink variety especially is a symbol of true love and marriage as the petals can resemble a heart – a romantic reading of these flowers and their meanings.


We couldn’t skip this lovely Hydrangea variation, the ‘Panicle’ which grows best in cold environments and is characterised by a more cone-shaped appearance. This variety is found in a smaller range of colours than their Mophead counterpart, just pink and white, making them another perfect gift for a wedding anniversary. Their abundance of delicately shaped clustered petals are weighty and sure to make an impression.


Jasmine Vine Foliage has beautifully intricate twisting vines in a deep luscious green. Beautiful as this foliage is on its own, it is even more stunning when flowering with dainty clusters of pink buds and white jasmine flowers. Jasmine vines are an elegant addition to floral arrangements, and its flowers symbolise love, romance, and sensuality, and specifically white Jasmine blossoms are associated with purity and motherhood, honour and respect. The scent of Jasmine is a distinctive one loved by many and is popular for use in perfumes. Jasmine oil is also known for its physical and emotional healing properties, making Jasmine a versatile floral and foliage combination that is another marvel of Mother Nature.

Flower Language

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about flower language in Part 2 of our Secret Language of Flowers series, and that you’ll join us for Secret Language Of Flowers Part 3!